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Recently “Program Services” the on campus AV Team at UWSP purchased a new Power Distro w-Feeder Cable, Custom Cable Assemblies & Cable Ramps for the recently purchased Db Technologies DVA T12/DVA S30N Line Array System.  The need was apparent that a custom cart for the ramps was needed as standard off the shelf carts would not do coming in at 36″+ in width. Soundworks designed this custom cart allowing the ramps to be moved easily and through even the smallest of doorways at just under 32″ in width. So look out for Logan pushing this through a doorway near you.

RCF Newsroom:


Trisis is a trio of sisters specializing in vintage vocal harmonies popular from the 1920s to 1950s, their repertoire including a mix of original vintage-style compositions and actual time-period cover pieces.
When their father heard them sing, “the tight three-part harmony was magical,” and said it is a sound the public needs to hear. Now accompanying them on guitar. David Winemiller and his daughters Jessica, Jacqueline and Jasmine tour as Trisis, hailed as “Wisconsin’s Singing Sweethearts.”
And when it came to selecting a sound system, Winemiller said they had two parameters in the decision making process.
“In the job of identifying equipment, first and foremost was to get their voices emanating crisply and clearly,” Winemiller says. At the same time since the girls are only 12, 15 and 19 years old respectively, “we didn’t want to make a big investment until we built the foundation of successes and future opportunities.”
After comparing numerous systems and working with Kent Laabs at Soundworks Systems ( in Stevens Point, Wisconsin, it was suggested to the right fit would be the RCF EVOX 8 system. It simply was, “love at first sight,” Winemiller says. “The compact configuration does a great job. And the girls sound exceptional through the EVOX,” noting the clarity of articulation.
The EVOX 8 is an active 1400-watt portable PA system comprised of a 12” subwoofer with a satellite module featuring eight 2” drivers. The satellite is designed with an adjustable pole mount to maintain a 120×30 pattern of coverage focused to the audience. And travelling with the EVOX is simple as the system only weighs 52 pounds with the satellite module fitting into the rear of the subwoofer for compact cartage.
Their choice of repertoire is based on the inspiration of their grandmother’s collection of old Hit Parade records they’d listened to over the years. And as far as building the foundation, over their five years of public performances they certainly have accomplished that with performances ranging from appearances at the Wisconsin State Fair, the Capitol Theater in Madison, and touring with the Michael Perry Tent Show Radio. Plus, they have two CDs in their catalog – A Traditional Christmas, primarily older Christmas Carols, and Studio C, featuring romantic songs from the 1920s and 1930s.

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 TRISIS and the EVOX 8

FOH Magazine Nov. 2015

Phil Vaught isn’t your ordinary country artist, so it’s no surprise that he won’t settle for ordinary equipment. When the crossover musician recently needed new monitors for the 200 performances that take him all over the country, annually, he chose FBT’s StageMaxX 12ma’s for their exceptional quality, transportability and design. NASHVILLE — Phil Vaught isn’t your ordinary country artist, so it’s no surprise that he won’t settle for ordinary equipment. When the crossover musician recently needed new monitors for the 200 performances that take him all over the country, annually, he chose FBT’s StageMaxX 12ma’s for their exceptional quality, transportability and design.

More details from Italian Speaker Imports (

The wedges, which he praises for their “big sound in a little box,” have turned out to be just as impressive — and unique – as Vaught’s music.

Influenced by artists ranging from Elvis to Foreigner, and by genres ranging from gospel to blues, Vaught’s “country” music isn’t cookie-cutter and it isn’t easily defined. It also keeps him very busy, playing year-round at major venues in the United States and abroad.

“The way I look at it,” says the Nashville-based performer, “when you’re hauling that much equipment down the road for as many shows as we do, you want to be as compact and efficient as you can be. FBT monitors are incredibly well designed. They’re small. They’re compact and coaxial by design. The definition and tight kick on them is right where it needs to be.”

Kent Laabs, President of Soundworks Systems, Inc. in Stevens Point, Wisconsin, originally suggested the FBT StageMaxX 12ma product to Vaught. A sound engineer with 30 years in the industry, Laabs is impressed with this particular FBT product.

“There are so many choices in floor wedges today,” said Laabs, “but this monitor is something special. The sound is extremely accurate and in phase due to the coaxial configuration, which allows for perfect alignment of the acoustic centers on both low and high frequency transducers. I can honestly say it’s one of the best I’ve heard. Other notable features include very usable box angles (35 and 55 degrees); a custom 12-inch B&C speaker; two dynamic Class D amplifiers – 400 and 100 watts — that are capable of delivering 130db maximum output; 90 degree dispersion; four selectable EQ presets and an HP Filter; low profile rubber feet; three ergonomic integrated carrying handles; three frontal status LED indicators; and Neutrik powerCON TRUE1 connectors that allow you to link up to four additional wedges.”

As a performer, Vaught appreciates Laabs’ expertise, as well as the accuracy of sound and benefits that the StageMaxX 12ma’s provide. He’s also traveled with a pair of FBT Verve 112ma’s on his guitar rig for years.

“When you’re the guy standing behind the wedge up on stage, you’re hearing something completely different than what the crowd hears through the mains,” says Vaught. “With my FBT’s, I don’t have to EQ anything. The first time I used them, I just ran everything flat and they were perfect, right out of the box. Literally. I just plugged them in and I didn’t have to worry about anything. And when I say I get a big sound, there is plenty of available head room and all of the components are of such good quality that it’s just hard to beat anything that’s that compact.”

FBT is an Italian company with a strong reputation and client base overseas. Vaught offers an explanation for the brand’s growing popularity here in the United States.

“Some companies seem to just bolt components together whether it sounds good or not,” he says. “Whoever designs at FBT really has an ear for what the end-user is looking for, and they take the time to put together a really unique product that stands on its own because of that.”

It seems that FBT has done for monitors, what Vaught has done for country music — created new standards within the industry, making music bigger and bolder in the process.

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Newsroom FOH Magazine Sept 2015

Wisconsin-Based Bluegrass Band Gets Boost from FBT Monitor Speakers

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The band, Art Stevenson and High Water, consists of a group of award-winning bluegrass musicians who are passionate about their unique sound.

“I’ve known Kent a long, long time,” said Reichert. “He’s the trusted sound source here in Wisconsin, in my opinion. Normally, when you go and talk to him about equipment, he’ll do what he always does; he’ll present a bunch of options and say, ‘you need to come in and listen to them — and then we’ll talk about your needs and your budget so you can make an informed decision.’ But when I asked him about monitors, he said, ‘You need to just try these FBTs.’ I’ve just never seen him do that.”

Soundworks Systems provided four FBT StageMaxX 12MA stage monitorsTrusting in Laabs’ word, Reichert says they borrowed four new StageMaxX 12Mas on approval. They took them to a gig, plugged them in, started playing and were immediately impressed.

“I never even listened to the monitors ahead of time,” the banjoist admitted. “I just took Kent’s word for it because I trust him that much. What we heard was unbelievable. It was such a vast improvement over what we had been using for years; it was like night and day. We played one of the best shows we’ve ever played using our own PA in ages, and it was all because we could hear ourselves make the music that we actually make instead of some close approximation. They were gorgeous. They were clean. They just returned exactly what we were playing into them. And because we could really hear the music we were making, we played better music. I knew right away those FBTs were not going back to Kent.”

Soundworks Systems provided four FBT StageMaxX 12MA stage monitors for bluegrass band Art Stevenson and High Water in Wisconsin.Art Stevenson and High Water has won awards from the Minnesota Bluegrass and Old Time Music Association for favorite male and female bluegrass vocalist, and has received a nomination for favorite banjo player. Their audiences range in numbers from 50 to 3,000.

At the many bluegrass festivals the band plays, sound is often provided for them. Needless to say, Reichert was thrilled to use their own wedges during this year’s Bluegrass in the Pines, a popular bluegrass festival that High Water hosts annually in Rosholt, Wisconsin. The three-day festival featured eight acts and attracted about 1,000 attendees, daily.

Reichert said the monitors impressed performers and sound engineers alike at the festival.

“Usually, at Bluegrass in the Pines, we hire Audible Streams, LLC for sound and lights. This year, we asked Aaron Olson, Principal Sound Engineer and Owner, to swap out his regular monitors for our FBTs. By the end of the festival, Aaron was so impressed that he made arrangements to use the FBTs for his next big gig, the Labor Day weekend acoustic music party, Jackpine Jamboree.

“We play over a different set of monitors just about every week as we go from festival to festival. We tried the FBTs and they’re simply the best we’ve heard. So when the High Water band provides our own sound, that’s what we want to hear. Funny thing is, after hearing the way they sound, other professionals are starting to feel the same way.”

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Disarc Dance Tour Hits the Road



Disarc LLC recently purchased what is becoming the new standard in subwoofer technology…

Db Technologies DVA S30N Dual 18 Powered Subwoofers.

With their on-board DSP, 3000 Watt Amplifier, cardiod option and a whopping 141db output, these are in a class of their own.

Coupled with the RCF HDL20-A Line array loudspeakers, these are going to make a huge hit on the…

Disarc Dance Tour…. coming to a City near U!

We built the complete system for Disarc which included 3D Lasers from X-Static Lighting, Intimidator 350 Moving Head Fixtures From Chauvet.

ST-180 (18′) Crank Stands & 12″ Box Truss by Global Truss provide the support for lighting and sound.

Custom “Tour Grade” Cable Assemblies were also built by Soundworks Systems Inc. for Audio, AC & DMX Control.

RCF USA Presents Prestige Partner Awards At NAMM 2013

EDISON, NJ (January 2013) – RCF USA, the U.S. branch of RCF and dB Technologies, announced the 2013 winners of the Prestige Partner Awards.
“Our dealers are more than just people we do business with – they are our partners,” explains John Krupa, national sales manager RCF USA. “These companies are as invested in our growth as we are. The Prestige Partner awards acknowledge the companies that we feel have gone above and beyond in promoting our brands.”
RCF USA presented 12 companies with plaques identifying them as Prestige Partners

Soundworks Systems, Stevens Point, WI was 1 of the 12 companies receiving the award and were recognized for their exemplary commitment to RCF and dB Technologies product lines.
“We are building our brands with these companies and through them our end-users,” concludes Krupa. “It takes teamwork to create a mutually beneficial relationship. We are delighted to work with all of our partners and look forward to a very bright 2013.”



 Levi Riggs RCF

Levi Riggs Takes Country Music By Storm With RCF       4977881-thumb


Edison, NJ  – October 2012… 28-year-old country music star Levi Riggs believes that “fans deserve a great show, great music and it should be heard on a great sounding system.”

 He recently backed up this point by upgrading to a RCF D LINE active line array system which he purchased from Soundworks Systems in Stevens Point, Wisconsin. 
“I had been touring with a different system for the last year or two but as my fan base has grown so has the size of the venues I perform in,” Riggs explains. “It was important that I have a system that could produce the volume I need without any distortion. When I heard the D LINE array I knew it was exactly what I was looking for.” 
The system, which consists of eight HDL20-A line array modules and four SUB 8006-AS subwoofers, more than accommodates the current and future needs of the upcoming talent.
“Because it’s scalable we can use four HDL20-As and two of the SUB 8006-AS subs to great effect in smaller venues or add more tops  and bottoms seamlessly for more coverage at larger shows,” says Riggs. “It has also been extremely useful to be able to adjust the arrays so that they are covering audience areas directly in front of the stage or up in a mezzanine – it makes the system exceptionally flexible.”
The self-powered HDL20-A cabinets feature a 1400 watt peak power 2-way digital amplifier with sound processing provided by proprietary DSP. The processing includes cluster and HF projection correction and special new presets for indoor and high curving situation.
Each module is loaded with state-of-the-art RCF transducers, two high output 10-inch drivers for solid bass reproduction and a large format 3-inch voice coil compression driver to deliver the vocal clarity and high definition that Riggs demands.
The Sub 8006-AS subwoofer is an active, high-power subwoofer featuring two 18-inch transducers with 4-inch inside/outside voice coils. Powered by a 2500 watt digital amplifier module, the SUB 8006-AS provides driving low end for the most demanding situations.
“The subwoofers absolutely blow my mind,” Riggs adds. “With dual 18s in each of them you really get that thump in your chest that you want from a sub.”
With an incredibly busy touring schedule during the next couple of months Riggs and his team will be breaking in the new RCF D LINE system throughout the Midwest.
“I have been amazed at how well the system works,” Riggs concludes. “The vocals cut through the mix, the low end is terrific – I really couldn’t ask for anything more.”
Stop in and check out what’s going on with Levi today